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Cayoneering Utah (June 2022)

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Traveling and exploring canyons in late spring near Utah/Arizona has become a tradition established by all experienced canyoneers. This time around our team has focused on the less known canyons south of Zion NP, Escalante/Gulch and Ticaboo Mesa region

Our experienced team (Evgeniy, Alex, Igor) has successfully completed three technical canyons. We will feature each of them in more details below

Water Canyon (3BIII)

After a night drive from Las Vegas we have camped near the trailhead. A usual morning routine of sorting the gear and getting to start the canyon approach. Overall the canyon is super beautiful and somewhat popular with other groups and hikers. More photos are available on FB/IG @newageadventures

Start Time: 10 am

End: 5:20pm

Conditions: Ideal (Temp mid 20C)

Midget Rattler (3A II PG)

After a short break at the TH of Water canyon we have started our back country drive through the dirt roads of Utah towards Escalante. That evening we camped nearby to prepare for a technical canyon Midget Rattler near Gulch. The views on the approach and the canyon itself are spectacular. The canyon is full of fun DCs and narrow slot rappels

Start Time: 10:10 am

End: 3:00 pm

Conditions: Ideal (Temp mid 20C). The canyon is pretty deep, so you are mostly in a shade

Montezuma Canyon (4BIII-IV)

The third day is the culmination of our adventure. After snacking near the car in mid afternoon, I have carefully studied the driving route as the roads which we were about to take are pretty remote. We have crossed the Capitol Reef via beautiful dirt roads and have started the 4X4 section near Ticaboo Mesa. The camping spot was ideal which allowed us to practice a self retrievable "sandtrap" anchor. The canyon itself is pretty wild with no fixed anchors , PG slot climbs, KPH and 90m free hanging rappel. I also felt that on the third day the temperature was climbing to 32C. Carrying 4 L of water would have been ideal, but our pack load was already to a max for a slot narrow canyoneering.

Start Time: 9:00 am

End: 8:15 pm

Conditions: Doable but a cooler weather is better (Temp 32C)

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