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Canyoneering Weeping Springs, NV

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

April and March is an ideal time to explore canyons in southern Nevada. Before the heatwave our team decided to head towards Colorado river to do a canyoneering loop

Weeping Springs/Big Horn Canyon in the first week of April

Our team (Evgeniy, Dos Plachindo and Nick) consisted of two experienced canyoneers and one beginner.

Weeping Springs Canyon (3BIII)

We left LA early in the morning on April 6. After a swift drive we found a perfect camping spot in the vicinity of the Black rock canyon. The sunset was gorgeous and each of us had a perfect moment to enjoy the tranquility of the spring desert. Early morning wake up call manifested in a usual routine of gear repacking accompanied by the distinctive sound of the "jetboil". We started our steep decent at 7:30am knowing that we will be hiking down canyon exposed to the sun. After 2 hours we have reached the first rappel (~ 35m). Most of rappels are pretty straightforward with solid natural anchors. The last portion is slightly overgrown, but fun nevertheless. The view of the Colorado river is spectacular and the last rappel with inflatable boat brings a new experience. The hike up the BigHorn canyon can be hot as you will be doing this in midday. More photos are available on FB/IG @newageadventures

Start Time: 7:30 am

End: 8:20pm

Conditions: Ideal (Temp mid 20C)

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