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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I always have been passionate about nature explorations and adventures. From early childhood I was dreaming to submerged into the fresh air of high altitude peaks and be one with nature

All my childhood I devoted to nature exploration, performance art and mathematical education.
I finished ballet school and the school of music (piano) in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1995 my family moved to United States where I continued my education. I was always passionate about performance arts and math/science. After finishing a grad school at UIUC, I start working as an engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) which is one of the leading NASA centers. I am currently pursuing both careers, simply because we are born with "left" and "right" brain hemispheres. I am very passionate and professional at what I do whether it is engineering, mountaineering or a free form fire dance

In parallel to engineering career I have been actively pursuing mountaineering, climbing, canyoneering and kayaking. While climbing mountains in South/North America I realized how import it is to share your gifts with others which led to a creation of New Age Adventures

  • Fire Walking Professional Instructor

  • Professional Fire Performer

  • 20 years of active mountaineering trips/expeditions

  • Moutaineering/Canyoneering Guide 2009- present

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